Custom Compounding & Specialty Engineered Compounds

NRT has a full range of compounding capabilities including laboratory formulation and testing, sample production and commercial volume production. We offer free development for the integration of our DRP into your existing compound or we can work with you to develop a new formula that uses the highest concentration of DRP, thereby offering you the greatest benefit and savings from the use of our technology.

Laboratory testing capabilities include:

  • Basic Physical Testing (specific gravity, modulus, tensile strength, elongation, hardness, & Mooney viscosity)
  • Abrasion Testing
  • Rebound Testing
  • Aging & Degradation Testing
  • Color Testing
  • Rebound Testing
  • Weathering Testing

Engineered Coating, Adhesive, and Casting Capabilities

NRT uses fully automated, robot based application systems for a range of unary, binary and ternary component urethane and epoxy systems. We have a wide range of robotic application capabilities for handling virtually any type of open cast, coated, or potted part. We offer custom colors and properties. We can custom compound the system for your application. Variable potlife compounds range from forty seconds to 40 minutes. Specialty additives include solids, fluorescence and glow in the dark materials.

Sample and commercial volume production include:

  • Intensive Mixing
  • Calendaring
  • Sheeting