New Rubber Technologies (NRT) is the leader in the devulcanization and reformulation of innovative and unique rubber materials, compounds
and OEM-manufactured goods

  • NRT enables the Introduction or Increase of Recycled & Reformulated Rubber Compounds into applications currently containing Virgin Rubber
  • NRT utilizes the End-of-Life Tire stream and other rubber waste streams as our primary material feed stocks
  • NRT uses a Proprietary and Patented Process to Devulcanize waste rubber to produce Devulcanized Rubber Particulate (DRP)
  • NRT utilizes DRP to produce Specially Engineered Rubber Formulations and Innovative Reformulated Rubber Compounds with specific technical parameters to replace both existing Custom-Mix and Off-the Shelf Rubber Compounds

Substantial Cost Savings

True Recycling

High Value-Add Reuse